Josie Rushing: Brazilian Lymphatic Massage to the World

Jossie joined us on Beauty Care Pod to talk about Brazilian Lymphatic Massage and how it’s going to become the next big thing after Brazilian Waxing. She shared the story of how she moved from Brazil to U.S.A. and the value of this massage technique. She also explained how she has been able to help […]

Tahwah Garba: From Skincare Advocate to Esthetics School

It was so much fun hosting Tahwah on Beauty Care Pod where she shared with us her experience treating her own acne through personal research and helping close members of her family. She has since then become a skincare advocate taking time to research various products in skincare and giving tips on her research on […]

Chris Gibson: The Making of a YouTube Sensation

Chris joined on the show giving us a brief history of his childhood, how he told us about his journey to esthetics and holistic health coaching. He shared his story of how he was able to clear his very difficult acne as well as how he has since been maintaining a health young looking skin […]

Dr. Victoria Veytsman – Oral Health and Beauty

We had the honor of having Dr. V on Beauty Care Pod where she took her time to share with us her background and how she became a dentist. She gave us a brief history of how she built her business and grew her clientele by giving her best and making every person that came […]

Crystal Ochemba-Powell: Marketing For Solo Estheticians

Crystal shared her life journey with us, including having a different carrier ambition every year and going against all odds to study and become a top esthetician who was able to fill her books within a year and is now helping other Estheticians achieve the same. The story of how she became an Esthetician and […]

Carina Brooks-King: Skincare, Lashes, and Tattoos

Many times people find it quite stressful to go to a Skincare Professional’s Spa for reasons best known to them (pandemic or not). However, they are smart enough not to take decisions into their own hands and consult Carina virtually to ask for professional advice concerning their skin issues. It’s amazing how wide she has […]

Cherie Callahan: Helping Businesses and Brands Operate at an Higher Level

Struggling businesses and brands often ask what they can do to improve their operations and move to the next level. The answer, while not always easy to implement, is always the same: they need to improve their processes. In this podcast, Cherie took time to explain how she was able to grow brands and businesses […]

Renee Harris: The Making of Hard Lotion

The making of hard lotion is not as complicated as one might think. In fact, it is a simple process that just requires a few ingredients and some time to set. Renee shares with us how she started with making hard lotion for her family and how it has grown to become a full fledge […]

Hanieh Sigari: The Making of Personalized Skincare

Joining us today is Hanieh, the chef and owner of personalized skincare company, Qyral. She shared what her childhood looked like and gave us an insight into her entreprenurial journey, she talked about how she and her husband got separated and found love again as well as how she started Qyral and has been using […]

Stacey Levine: Game-Changing Teeth Whitening for Professional and Personal Oral Care

Fola and Tolu enjoyed the eye-opening conversation with Stacey Levine which covered various aspect of her personal and professional life. She discussed how she and Jonathan met as well as how the teeth whitening company all started. You will be particularly touched by the selfless work that they do with their foundation. About Stacey Stacey […]

Pamela Springer: Chemical Peels for Skin of Color

Pamela came again on Beauty Care Pod to share with us what she knows about how to investigate the skin and use that investigation to make sure how to come up with the best treatment to make sure that you get the best results, and this starts by understanding the composition of the skin. Bio […]

Holly Brown: Running a Non-Profit in the Professional Beauty Industry

In this episode of Beauty Care Pod, we have Holly Brown, founder of Look, Feel, Fab which happens to be the very first non-profit in the professional skincare industry. She shares with us her journey on how she has been able to run a fully not-for-profit organization in the skincare industry even when everyone thought […]