Joni Leahy: Servicing Clients with Cutting-Edge Treatments

Joni has been an Esthetician for 29 years and practices Minimalist Makeup. She started with no direction. She worked multiple jobs and was even an Aerobics instructor in Boston and got involved in Esthetics when she started to assist an Esty at the gym where she worked. She then took time to go to Esthetics […]

Diedre Mikkelson: Giving Clients an Experience They Love

Diedre shares with us how she goes about the process of selecting products and devices that she uses in running her business as a licensed esthetician. She also explains how she’s been able to create reliable pricing scales for services rendered. Her amazing story on her Esthetics journey between 1984 and 2022 is one of […]

Christina Fernandez: Raising a New Crop of Passionate Makeup Artists

We had an enjoyable conversation with Christina, who shared with us her journey from her teenage years up until now, including how she grew her makeup business through solid determination, sheer will, and a knack for always finding a way to make it work. Despite her path when learning to become a professional makeup artist, […]

Pamela Springer: Working on Skin based on its Ethnicity

Pamela was very generous with information on how she entered the professional skincare industry and how her passion for training Esthetics students and talking about how to work on the various ethnic skin types has been very evident. We encourage you to allow yourself to learn as much as you can while being wowed by […]

Gabriela Hernandez: The History of Cosmetics

Gabriela Hernandez was on fire in this episode of Beauty Care Pod as she shared valuable information about her journey in the cosmetics industry and the history of cosmetics. We would recommend her book Classic Beauty: The History of Makeup and her Podcast Classic Beauty as they both are must-haves in the toolbox of makeup […]

Jenn Michelle: The Journey to Celebrity Makeup & Hair Artist

Jenn joins us today to let us know about her journey to Makeup from getting a chance to work at NY Fashion show to being able to work with lots of clients and also educate upcoming beauty professionals. About Jenn Bio:JennMichelle is CEO of GlamLife Beauty Collection, a Celebrity Makeup Artist & Hairstylist, Beauty Educator […]

Courtney Faga: The Journey to Award-Winning Makeup Artist

Courtney joins us after bagging two awards in The Skin Games makeup competition. She shared her journey, coming from a rural setting to the city lifestyle and choosing what she loves doing! She talked with us about her skincare and makeup experience and why she loves cruelty-free products! About Courtney Courtney is the owner of […]

Liana Blomquist: Sustainable Skincare from New York’s Rooftops

Liana gave us a masterclass on what it entails to start a rooftop garden as well as what she has been able to do regarding getting and maintaining a rooftop garden. She shared her experience as well as expertise on beauty botanicals and if you are especially looking for information about how to start a […]

Rene Stufano: Treatments That Would Increase Your Revenue and Success

Rene shared with us her journey as an industry leader and her spirituality as well as how she has been able to work on delivering one-of-a-kind products that produce game changing results that break the boundaries pf what we know to be possible without compromising client safety. She went into detail telling us about some […]

Brooke Kennedy: The Story of 12-hour Workdays

In this episode, Brooke shares with us her journey from high school through college up to choosing to become an Esthetician. We talked about how her work week is possible and how she gets rest. Her work ethic, clientele, and awards. She also talked about her amazing reviews as an Esthetician and how she works […]

Sandi Simmons: How to Increase Revenue Using Teeth Whitening

Sandi Simmons, owner of Sis Smiles Teeth Whitening, joins us on Beauty Care Pod sharing information about how her background got her to want to help people have beautiful smiles. She answered all the frequently asked questions about teeth whitening including its safety and how long the results last. She also provided insight into how […]

Jennifer Dover: From Nursing to Esthetics

Jennifer joins us on the beauty care pod as an esthetician with nursing and dermatology background who was tired of the norm of using drugs to manage skincare conditions and wanted to be able to provide more than was available in the walls of an hospital. Her quest for knowledge and networking can be noticed […]