Cherie Callahan: Helping Businesses and Brands Operate at an Higher Level

Struggling businesses and brands often ask what they can do to improve their operations and move to the next level. The answer, while not always easy to implement, is always the same: they need to improve their processes.

In this podcast, Cherie took time to explain how she was able to grow brands and businesses and make them successful including hers. She explores with us what it means to improve your business processes and offers some tips on how to go about doing it. With her experience and pedigree, you can tell that she getting a 15-minute call with her is a big deal.

She also gives tips on how to easily prospect new customers in your locality.

About Cherie

Cherie Callahan has over 20 years in the beauty industry. She began her career with Victoria Secret Beauty, working with their cosmetic and fragrance lines. After running a successful store, Cherie was promoted to District Manager with 12 stores on the East Coast. Upon returning to California, she was offered the District Manager’s position with PureBeauty located in San Francisco, and later was promoted to the role of Regional Manager over Northern California.

Cherie always longed to serve her clients from the “other side of the table.” Once she raised her family, Cherie went back to school for her esthetics license at the San Francisco Institute of Esthetics and has been living her dream ever since! Just one visit with Cherie and you are sure to identify with someone who has found her purpose in helping businesses as well as individuals reach their beauty and business goals.


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