Christina Fernandez: Raising a New Crop of Passionate Makeup Artists

We had an enjoyable conversation with Christina, who shared with us her journey from her teenage years up until now, including how she grew her makeup business through solid determination, sheer will, and a knack for always finding a way to make it work.

Despite her path when learning to become a professional makeup artist, Christina has been using a more holistic approach when teaching at her studio to ensure that her students have the right attitude and expectation to learning while also keeping then in touch with the latest trends even as she updates her knowledge.

About Christina

Christina Fernandez has been passionate about makeup since the age of 13 when she snuck makeup into school. She attended the Fashion Institute of Tech and Christine Valmy School of Artistry in New York. After a few career changes, Christina found her way back to makeup when she found her calling in the field of professional wedding and special events makeup artistry.

Her work has been featured in Kleinfeld Manhattan, The Knot, The Wedding Channel and Weddings New York Magazine, music videos, various short films, the BET | MTV network, and celebrity-hosted fashion events.

In 2016, Christina took her passion project and turned it into a full-time business. Today, Christina runs a 5-star beauty and Training studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn, specializing in elevating the art of semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing.


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