Diedre Mikkelson: Giving Clients an Experience They Love

Diedre shares with us how she goes about the process of selecting products and devices that she uses in running her business as a licensed esthetician. She also explains how she’s been able to create reliable pricing scales for services rendered. Her amazing story on her Esthetics journey between 1984 and 2022 is one of the highlights of this episode.

She believes school is just to get you licensed, while real education starts right after getting your license. One of the many tactics she’s got up her sleeves is personal and proper relationships with clients, especially with regards to their complaints and the best products to use for their skin.

About Diedre

She has her business within the Twin Scissors Salon in Poway, where she has been a manicure client since 1999. After a hiatus from the beauty business, she reignited her love of the industry. In 2009, she discovered a crazy new trend, eyelash extensions! She learned everything she could about this new service. However, she quickly realized that she missed doing facials as well and began reeducating herself with classes on anti-aging protocols, great new modalities & machines, as well as researching many skin care companies to determine which products and ingredients would work best for my clients.


Website – faceitlashitwaxit.com

Instagram – @facelashlove

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