Gabriela Hernandez: The History of Cosmetics

Gabriela Hernandez was on fire in this episode of Beauty Care Pod as she shared valuable information about her journey in the cosmetics industry and the history of cosmetics. We would recommend her book Classic Beauty: The History of Makeup and her Podcast Classic Beauty as they both are must-haves in the toolbox of makeup artists, especially those who want to know more or venture into the movie industry.

She was very generous with her time and information, teaching us a lot of things we didn’t know about how makeup has been viewed over the years!

About Gabriela

When she was a little girl in Buenos Aires, the beauty rituals of Gabriela’s older relatives fascinated her. The Burbank-based artist spent years studying vintage cosmetics and after graduating from Art Center College of Design, she began designing makeup packaging. Digging deeper into the history, she wrote the book Classic Beauty: The History of Makeup, and in 2004 she created her version of a 1920s lipstick and started her company, Bésame Cosmetics.

Today the company manufactures mascara, lipstick, and powders; offers period beauty classes; and runs a boutique where patrons, including makeup designers on period films and TV shows, can immerse themselves in the charms of earlier generations. The ingredients, design, and packaging are drawn from a century of techniques and products. Gabriela is also a make-up historian and a board member of the make-up museum in New York.


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Classic Beauty: The History of Makeup –

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