Hanieh Sigari: The Making of Personalized Skincare

Joining us today is Hanieh, the chef and owner of personalized skincare company, Qyral. She shared what her childhood looked like and gave us an insight into her entreprenurial journey, she talked about how she and her husband got separated and found love again as well as how she started Qyral and has been using it as a tool to help enable skincare professionals build customized skincare products for their clients with ridiculously minimal investment.

About Hanieh

After being disappointed too many times, Hanieh researched the science behind miracle skincare claims, and discovered that it didn’t hold any true value. There was more than one thing missing. As you would expect, she discovered an obvious truth; generic products produce nothing more than generic results. There is definitely no one size fits all approach to skincare since our skin compositions are not the same. She then decided to do better, by giving the skin what it truly needs. A tailored approach based on the skins needs.

She has since dedicated years to working with world-renowned formulators and dermatologists who all agree: if you want to reverse the signs of aging and improve your skin’s appearance, cellular turnover holds the key. Effective skincare products work by supporting your body’s natural processes. As we age, those processes slow and are compounded by factors including genetics, lifestyle, and environment. And because those factors are unique to us, our skincare products need to be unique too. It’s more than just skincare; it’s cellular care.

Combining her training in biochemistry with entrepreneurial experience, she created Qyral, by taking cutting-edge research on aging and marrying it to beauty, science, and empowerment.


Qyral – qyral.com

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