Jacqueline Segal: Australia’s No 1 Professional Skincare Line Now in North America

Jacqueline is a Licensed Esthetician, Naturopath and Reiki Master. She brought Australia’s leading skincare brand with her to North America after trying various products in Canada that could work with her skin the way she was used to but couldn’t get.

Jacqueline also shared with us some stories from her background, including that her mother brought her and her sibling up alone, mostly as a divorcee, and that she finds herself lucky to be able to still be friends with her friends from before she was ten.

About Jacqueline

Jacqueline has been an Esthetician for over 35 years. She originally wanted to be a Makeup Artist but back in the day for TV work they wanted you to be a hairdresser as well which is what she didn’t want to do, so the next best career was to study to be an Aesthetician.

She is also a Naturopath (Australia only) and a Reiki Master which goes together with Aesthetics.

She specialized in Facials and changing Skin as it can be life changing for clients. Jacqueline still has a Love for Skincare even more today as much as she did 35 years ago.

Jacqueline and her husband and her live a healthy lifestyle. Organic food and grass-fed protein. She is a great baker, as there are only two of them in the house, she is fond of sharing her baked goodies with friends and neighbors, which most of the time is half of what she bakes.


O Cosmedics – ausbeauty.ca

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