Jennifer Dover: From Nursing to Esthetics

Jennifer joins us on the beauty care pod as an esthetician with nursing and dermatology background who was tired of the norm of using drugs to manage skincare conditions and wanted to be able to provide more than was available in the walls of an hospital.

Her quest for knowledge and networking can be noticed from our podcast.

About Jennifer

Jennifer had spent 16 years in the nursing industry before becoming an Esthetician at 40. Working in the field of Dermatology lastly is what inspired her to move into this industry.

She is a previous Skin Games Winner, who spent years in the travelling the trade show industry. Jennifer is also licensed in South Carolina as well, board certified instructor, and holds many continuing education courses under her belt. She teaches advanced training and one on one mentoring for new graduates. Jennifer is also certified in various forms of makeup from Ryder makeup labs and worked as a rep and MUA with Urban Decay.

Her hobbies include cooking, gardening, music, sports, and spending time with her dog Trina and of course most things on Netflix.




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