Jennifer Rosenblum: The Skin Games Story

Jennifer Rosenblum has been an Esthetician for over a decade. She is the brain behind The Skin Games, an international competition for skincare professionals.

The Esthetician Muse has been able to merge a lot of skills which she has acquired over the years, and this has kept the wheels of The Skin Games moving. Of course, she acknowledges the many hands who have worked with her to keep The Skin Games running.

The Skin Games platform has helped (and is still in the business of helping) to push many estheticians (professionals and upcoming) into the limelight. The Skin Games is also helping more people realize that everyone needs an esthetician for their skincare.

Listen to the First Episode of The Beauty Care Pod as Jennifer takes us down memory lane of her journey into the world of Esthetics and The Skin Games


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