Joni Leahy: Servicing Clients with Cutting-Edge Treatments

Joni has been an Esthetician for 29 years and practices Minimalist Makeup. She started with no direction. She worked multiple jobs and was even an Aerobics instructor in Boston and got involved in Esthetics when she started to assist an Esty at the gym where she worked. She then took time to go to Esthetics school and fell in love with it from day 1.

Since going to Esthetics school up until now, we can see that Joni has been very passionate from the chat she had with us.

About Joni

Joni Leahy is the owner and operator of Joni’s Skin Care and Makeup Boutique in Chelmsford, MA. She has been a licensed esthetician for more than 25 years, and in that time, she has successfully treated many different skin conditions and skin types.

She believes in making everyone feel beautiful and confident. She is committed to helping clients achieve balance in their beauty routines, to keep them looking and feeling their best! She only allows products and treatments into her spa that she fully believes in and would use myself.

Joni is committed to continuing education and researching the latest innovations to help bring you the most cutting-edge treatments and services. Her experience and dedication to my clients is what allows her to deliver exceptionally personalized services to each client.


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