Josie Rushing: Brazilian Lymphatic Massage to the World

Jossie joined us on Beauty Care Pod to talk about Brazilian Lymphatic Massage and how it’s going to become the next big thing after Brazilian Waxing.

She shared the story of how she moved from Brazil to U.S.A. and the value of this massage technique. She also explained how she has been able to help her clients realize that this technique will detox their body and system.

About Josie

Josie Rushing, founder of Brazilicious Beauty Spa, is the name behind the luxurious, highly sought-after Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage technique. Born and raised in Brazil, Josie has worked with body contouring and wraps for the last decade and has seen thousands of different shapes and sizes of Latinas, Europeans, and American women. After studying the Lymphatic Drainage technique with a host of specialists, and combined with her firsthand experience from Brazil, she has decided to create and introduce her own technique to the United States.

The Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage has quickly become one of the fastest growing secrets amongst celebrities of all kinds. Adored by celebs including Emma Chamberlain, Lilli Reinhart, and Whitney Port, Josie’s signature technique offers quick results, instant shape, and provides target contouring for all looking to improve their beauty and health. This exclusive method by Josie is specifically designed to beautify you from the inside out by improving blood circulation, strengthen the immune system, reduce swelling and bloating, reduce cellulite, and even fight infection.


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