Liana Blomquist: Sustainable Skincare from New York’s Rooftops

Liana gave us a masterclass on what it entails to start a rooftop garden as well as what she has been able to do regarding getting and maintaining a rooftop garden.

She shared her experience as well as expertise on beauty botanicals and if you are especially looking for information about how to start a rooftop, you should listen to this conversation as you will find a lot of valuable information on how to get started with a rooftop garden.

She introduced her first product to us. The Rose & Chamomile Gel Moisturizer, which is great for everyone even with a sensitive skin and for women who are pregnant.

About Liana

BRB was founded by certified horticulturist, Liana Blomquist, in 2019 and was born out of her passion for gardening and beauty while re-evaluating her consumption habits and the way they affect the planet. Liana’s career spans over 10 years at Elizabeth Arden and Revlon as a Global Marketing and Product Development Exec in their fragrance and skincare categories. Over the span of her time there, she launched over 30 fragrance and skincare products winning global awards and nominations from key publications and foundations. Her sustainable beauty and gardening expertise has been seen in NY Post, Thrive Global, NY Live, NY Magazine and Real Simple.


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