Renee Harris: The Making of Hard Lotion

The making of hard lotion is not as complicated as one might think. In fact, it is a simple process that just requires a few ingredients and some time to set.

Renee shares with us how she started with making hard lotion for her family and how it has grown to become a full fledge business that a growing number of people keep falling in love with.

About Renee

Renee’s first lotion bar was created out of desperation, mixed with creativity. The creativity came from the pleasure she got from making things from her kitchen for her family, whether it was soap, bread, mung sprouts or our family special “apple kefir” that resembles Martinelli’s sparkling juice.

The desperation came, literally, from her hands. She had the worst pain from the tips of her fingers that were often covered in Band-aids from the cuts and splits from her daily activities and extremely dry skin. Her hands were her most important tools, but they caused her intense suffering… until the lotion bar.

Not only did that first lotion bar heal up her skin within days, but she tried it with her son’s seasonal eczema, and was ecstatic that his pain also ended with the lotion bar.

Something that was so easy to make turned into a family business after she and her older boys took it to the farmer’s market for testing where they received great feedback from customers at the market, as well as several online groups who agreed to test it and fill out surveys. Renee and her husband are now running MadeOn full time.


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