Sandi Simmons: How to Increase Revenue Using Teeth Whitening

Sandi Simmons, owner of Sis Smiles Teeth Whitening, joins us on Beauty Care Pod sharing information about how her background got her to want to help people have beautiful smiles.

She answered all the frequently asked questions about teeth whitening including its safety and how long the results last. She also provided insight into how much profit it can bring for professionals who choose to bring the service to their spa/salon.

About Sandi

Sandi has 28 years of medical industry experience with the last 5 years being in the beauty and dental industry. Providing the most in-depth Training and Certification at an affordable price. Using a pre-filled treatment tray to self-administer without direct contact to your client’s mouth. Products are made in the USA and FDA approved. A simple, effective, and profitable cosmetic service.


Website –

Instagram – @sissmilesteethwhitening

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