Tahwah Garba: From Skincare Advocate to Esthetics School

It was so much fun hosting Tahwah on Beauty Care Pod where she shared with us her experience treating her own acne through personal research and helping close members of her family. She has since then become a skincare advocate taking time to research various products in skincare and giving tips on her research on her social media channel. She has now started esthetics school due to her passion for skincare and her wish to become a licensed professional so she can help even more people in her growing community to have beautiful and better skin.

About Tahwah

Tahwan Garba is on a mission to bring a personalized beauty routine to each house. As a content creator, she provides skincare tips and product recommendations to help people achieve and maintain better skin and early signs of aging based on her own experience and bioscience knowledge.

Connect with Tahwah

Linktree – linktr.ee/SkincarebyTahwah

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